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Coffee Brewing Equipment and Accessories

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From open brew, batch brew, portion
pack, and single portion, we provide
our clients with a variety of options.
We provide a variety of coffee brewing equipment to accommodate the individual needs of
our Coffee Service customers. We offer commercial coffee brewers from manufacturers
such as Bunn , Newco, Bloomfield, Grindmaster.

Usage of equipment and filters at no cost with the purchase of our coffee
Bloomfield ® Coffee Brewers
Bloomfield brewers are available as "Pour-over" models or similar
configurations in the plumbed in "Automatic" models. The low profile
design (17" High on the model 8571 and 8572) accommodates kitchen
areas with low cabinets.   

Bunn ® Coffee Brewers
Bunn commercial coffee brewers are available in the 2 burner (model
VPR) and 3 burner (model VPS) 12 cup models in woodgrain or black
decor. Also available is the VPR-AP airpot brewer and the "My Cafe"
commercial single cup coffee pod brewer.

Newco ® Coffee Brewers
From standard 12 cup glass decanter brewers to Thermal Airpot
brewing equipment, we offer a wide selection of Newco coffee brewers
including the "Ace" series of thermal and low profile designs. The
thermal units brew coffee directly into the desired server which keeps
the product hot and fresh for hours and eliminates the need for

Keurig ® K Cups Coffee Brewers
The K3000SE Commercial Brewing System is a full-featured brewer that
has direct-water-line plumbing for back-to-back brewing in under a
minute. Designed for use in large businesses, it offers a choice of 4
brew sizes and automatic K-Cup® pod ejection with built-in disposal
bin. This brewer is ANSI certified to NSF standards for use in

Hot Plates
Thermal Gravity Dispensers
Thermal Carafes

Please note the following:

Astro Vending will connect all brewing systems at no cost.
No rental fee on coffee brewers provided coffee supplies are ordered
through Astro Vending &   Coffee Services.
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