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Coffee Related Products

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A variety of creamer is available - liquid or powdered
(powder comes in single serve or bulk), regular and lite
Coffee Related Products:

Compliment your coffee service with our selection of coffee supplies to make
your cup of coffee more enjoyable and your life easier at work.  
For a complete line of coffee related products,
please contact us.
Do you have a favorite sugar or
Not to worry, We have variety of
sweeteners and sugars.  These
come in bulk or individual servings
for your convenience
Hot Teas
The perfect cup of hot soothing tea to help your
staff and employees work through the afternoon.
For a popular and healthy alternative to coffee,
we offer your office employees the finest
selection of premium and flavored teas.
Hot chocolate
Relaxing with a rich creamy cup of hot
chocolate makes a great mid-day snack
for your employees or staff.
Miscellaneous Items
Cups & Lids
Paper Towels, Napkins & Tissues
Plates, Bowls ans Utensils
Janitorial Supplies
And More ...
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